Thursday, April 12, 2007

First try at a new technique

I went to a Stampin' Up! seminar a couple months ago and they taught us all kinds of new stuff - some of which I am just getting around to trying out myself.

So the supplies for one of these techniques are: Mulberry paper, Glossy White cardstock, stamp of your choice, VersaMark, white embossing powder, a cotton ball, rubbing alcohol and some reinkers. You rip or cut the mulberry paper the size you want - I ripped mine the width of a jumbo roller stamp and the length of my card. Then I inked my roller stamp (Petals - love it!) with the Versa mark and rolled it over my mulberry paper. The next step is to use the white embossing powder to emboss the image onto the Mulberry paper. Make sure to heat the EP just until it melts - you don't want to scorch the paper!

Once the embossing is done - lay the mulberry paper over the glossy white cardstock (cut to size). Wet the cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol and then put 2-3 drops each of 2 or three colors of reinkers onto the cotton ball. (You might have to play around to find some that work well together - the rest time I put purple, pink and yellow together thinking they would be great spring colors, but the result was not pretty!) Next, gently dab the color from the cotton ball over the mulberry paper, the ink will not cover the embossed image and the ink will go through the mulberry paper to your glossy cardstock. Once the mulberry paper is fully covered, remove the mulberry paper and continue to blend the color over the glossy cardstock with the cotton ball until fully covered.

Once they are both dry - you have two items to use for two different cards. The colors turn out really interesting - for my samples here I used the reinkers mellow moss, certainly celery and brocade blue. Once I was done - the color on my mulberry paper was far darker than on my glossy cardstock. So much so, that to make a card using the embossed mulberry paper, I used old olive and not quite navy cadrstock. I also used some more of those really cute flower brads that I got at my local Michael's craft store - but they turned out looking black when I scanned the card - they are really pewter colored.

It is interesting to see how much lighter the glossy cardstock turned out for my next card - here I used cardstock colors that match the reinkers I used - Mellow Moss and Brocade Blue.

It doesn't look nearly as nice as the examples that they showed at my seminar - but it was my first try, right?

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