Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ginormous Birthday Cards

When we lived in Tampa, I used to make birthday cards for all the people at work. As the number of people in the office grew, the size of the birthday cards grew as well. After I left, my friend Wendy took over making all the cards and now the office has grown so much that she makes cards that are a whole sheet of cardstock folded in half instead of just a half-sheet.

Her birthday is this month, so I made birthday cards for her and sent them to her to use. I waited to post them until I knew that she had gotten them. I used some of my new stuff - Big Birthday Candle and Bali Breeze DP for one card and Just B and Summer Picnic DP for the other. And the wide ribbon is so perfect for these big cards!

Spring Break starts when I get out of class tomorrow, so I hope to get some stamping done next week. But since Justin is off work too, he may distract me!

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Wendy said...

Can I just say that these are wonderful but they make my cards look like an elementary school kid did them! Thanks - you're the best! Miss you!!