Saturday, February 16, 2008

Onesie card

I was doing some surfing the other day looking for cute card ideas and I stumbled across this blog with oh-so-cute cards that looked like onesies. I told a friend that I would make her birth announcement for her, so I decided that I had to try it out.
I have to admit - it was a lot more work than the tutorial made it sound like it would be. But that may be because my circle punch had a lot of trouble punching through 2 layers of cardstock at once. And I like how on the other blog, the onesies are all white, but I used Bashful Blue because I had already chosen to make the birth announcements out of Bashful Blue and Barely Banana so I have plenty of those. But since this onesie is blue, I had to stamp my image on white cardstock, then color and cut it out - which is another thing that make it a little tedious.

Don't get me wrong though - I love the result! I think that it turned out super cute - I'm just not sure how many of these I would want to make in the future.


Sherry Ashford said...

So cute!!

kimberleigh said...

Julie, this is incredible!! Wow...I love the eyelets on the bottom for "snaps" and I think the colors are perfect! White seems so blah-zay after seeing your cute result! You rock!

Lisa said...

I love the snaps, too. Too cute!