Thursday, August 23, 2007

In a funk

The lack of posts means that things have been busy around here. First it was the end of my summer term and I had to get grades turned in. Then Justin and I left to go a trip to the other big cities in Texas - you can read a bit about our trip on our blog here. We got back from our little vacation about a week ago - but then I was in charge of a night all about Preparedness for the ladies at church. That was last night and after I made my syllabi for this semester (which starts on Monday) I was finally able to stamp. :)

Needless to say, you take a couple weeks off and it really kills your creativity. I got this Cutie Pie paper the day before we left and hadn't had a chance to use it yet. I have to admit - as much as I love designer paper, I have a really hard time using it. For the most part, I am afraid of making something that I don't like in the end and wasting the beautiful paper!

Anyway - once I pulled out a little Cutie Pie, I realized how well it went with Big Blooms and was sad yet again that Stampin' Up! didn't keep this from the Spring mini. Well - I will choose to use it regardless! I decided to pair it with another retired good one: Riveting was a hostess set in last year's catalog.

Here is what I came up with - I'm going to get it into tomorrow's mail for my upline's b-day which is on the 30th. Hopefully she gets it in the mail before she decides to check out my blog again!

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kimberleigh said...

Oh yeah, my birthday card ROCKED!!!! I love it! Thanks sweetie!