Monday, March 5, 2007

3D image with roller stamps

A while back I read about how to create a 3-D image with roller stamps. I thought it sounded like a pretty neat idea, but didn't try it out until today. I made two cards where I used this technique. One with the Flitting By Jumbo roller and the other with the Baby Talk roller.

I think it is a great look when the image lines up, but if you can tell - on both of mine, the white ink doesn't stay lined up with the cardstock-colored ink. And I think it turned out looking a lot better on the butterflies than with the babies. I decided this is because the lines are thicker on the butterfly roller than on the baby roller.

If you want to know more about this technique - let me know. I'm happy to share!


Sherry said...

So cute!! One Saturday we'll have to get together just to make cards!!

KimberLeigh said...

Julie, these cards are FABULOUS!