Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This week is killing me!!!

So - I started to write all about how I am super swamped this week with the summer classes that I am teaching, but I changed my mind. I am too excited to post the card that I somehow managed to make this week. I do have to warn you though - I think that my posts over the next 5 weeks will be few and far between. However, after July 11th I will have plenty of time for stamping!

So - I have noticed a trend in the last few things I have made. I must have a thing for big flower images lately. I really need to find the time to make cards that have something besides flowers on them.

For part of my birthday present, my mom had given me some little chipboard puchouts that she got at Michael's. Ok - who am I kidding - that I picked out at Michael's for her to give me. :) I got two packs and they both have the same images in them - various flower and heart shapes - but one pack has colors and patterns, the other doesn't so that I can color them anyway I want. I looked through the colored and patterned ones and thought about how the lavender color that they used was so close to Almost Amethyst.

So - when I finally sat down to make something with it, I pulled out some of my designer prints that will be in the next catalog (July 1st is too far away!). I really htink it matches so well - it is hard to believe that the flower image isn't Stampin' Up!'s!

Anyway - until my life calms down and I have more time to stamp - enjoy yet another flower card!

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Sherry said...

I like to see all the different ways to use the flowers.